Thursday, 2 May 2013


Switch Ipswich |

I woke up in my Travelodge hotel room slightly groggy and dishevelled from Judas’s concoction the night before at Switch Cambridge. My ears still ringing I looked at my handset and realised the time 09:45am I flew out of bed and headed straight for the en suite shower cursing under my breath and panicking thinking I had missed breakfast I legged it to the hotel foyer at 10:00am sharp fully dressed but bleary eyed voice croaking like a toad and asked the receptionist has the breakfast finished? Fortunately the breakfast time in the hotel finished at 11:00am I had a solid hour of munching my belly full of swine, beans, sausage, egg, and toast washed down by two glasses of orange juice and two black coffees. I returned to my room thinking the caffeine from the coffee would keep me awake. I snuggled up on my bed again and was knocked out again for another two hours.


 When I awoke again it was sound of my phone vibrating that alerted me only to hear Volatile giving me the set times and the times the Switch Promo team will be leaving Cambridge to head to the Launch Party we arranged to meet at the hotel at 17:00pm. Knowing Volatile and his adopted Jamaican timekeeping I knew he meant 17:30pm so at around 17:25 I stepped out the reception of the hotel and lit two cigarettes sure enough within a few minutes DJ C’s Electric Blue Honda Jazz reliably waltzing down the hotel driveway.
Within the hour we arrived in Tate’s Ipswich ‘Simmo’ (event organiser) was already busy putting up the Switch Banners on the front entrance of the venue. Tate’s Ipswich is three tiered club with three bar areas the DJ Booth is on the top balcony the sound system round and loud C and Volatile gave the place a sound check making sure the music was on point for all Ipswich Disco Divas and all Bashment ‘Shebeen’ Queens.

Simmo after getting the club ready suggested we get some food at Zizzi's and meet up with the team afterwards at the club.The service in Zizzis Ipswich was top quality as for the food TOP CLASS mainly because they managed to feed me and Simmo in record time before the nightclub opened hahahahahaha 
Slowly but surely the Ipswich town streets started to fill with some serious sights and scantily dressed ladies started exiting the restaraunts bars and pubs local town lads were in small groups talking amongst themselves noisily a queue of taxi cabs picked up customers and did three point turns in the middle of the road and the Switch Promo Team went to work!!

Ronaldo was observed by eye witnesses to abduct a group of four young ladies out of a cab whilst the cab was in movement and convince them that Switch is a way of life. Sumera Leandah and Sam had large groups of girls and guys queueing up to get in to tates before midnight. and by this time Mark Nightingale the Video cameraman and Mark Box the photographerhad arrived and was buzzing with the sights he was witnessing and because he was about to celebrate his 21st birthday!!

See Marks Pictures right here

Now over 300 people attended SWITCH'S Launch last Saturday Night event and believe you me this Saturday it all Kicks off again


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