Tuesday, 30 April 2013


“This is a WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!”… (OLDSKOOLJUNGLISTANTHEM) “Flipping Eck” What a crazy weekend….Last Friday I hosted Switch Cambridge the weekly Hip Hop Dancehall and RNB Party Night. I arrived in Cambridge at around 23:00pm and hooked up with the Bulgarian Turk ‘Ahmed’ the Cab man. Who eventually after some hard core Jamaican Bulgarian British Turkish negotiations agreed took me to my hotel in Travelodge Orchard Park in Cambridge and agreed wait and return….whilst I booked into the hotel get changed out of the road gear (Tracksuit) and into my switch uniform we head into the late April twilight and head to ‘Ballare’ this was all done for an undisclosed fee of course. 

When I arrived at the club a small clutch of party goers congregate on the concourse to the club chatting excitedly amongst themselves I overheard a female partygoer berate her ‘bestie’ about how faded she was going to get her tonight. With DJ C and DJ Volatile causing havoc on the dance floor with a selection of the finest bashment and RnB, large groups of Cambridge’s elite from the local colleges and universities began the migration from the bar area to the dance floor Our Photographer and absolute ledge in the camera industry ‘Mark Box’ who’s birthday was on Sunday took pictures of the finest talent Cambridge has to offer DJ Volatile decided to play the eighties hit ‘Candy’
 By British funk soul band Cameo

funny enough a few weeks earlier Cambridge were not knowledgeable about the specific dance routine associated with this particular song and stood around forlornly talking amongst themselves. Drastic measures require drastic actions and I had to do one of my introductions of encouragement to engage the clubbers and party goers into joining me whilst we choreagraphed the ‘electric slide’ around a couple hundred partygoers got involved and shortly after the club began to bump to some Hip Hop from Meek Mill Rick Ross and Ace Hood.

As the night went on and the bar area filtered out with casualties of the Alcohol roaming the dance floor the drink flowed make no mistake about that a clubber who told me his name was ‘judas’ handed me a drink which like the name of the person who handed it to me totally betrayed me and tasted like his name. The aptly named Swimming pool by Kendrick Lemarr left the majority of Cambridgeshire’s elite ‘faded’ and a great night was had by all. I fortunately found Ahmed the Bulgarian TURK Cab man and returned to my hotel at around 5am heavily intoxicated over the limit and slightly abbreviated and I was secretly glad that I had made the correct decision not to drive.

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