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Hip Hop Dance Hall  RNB Addicts take note.....

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Summer 2013
Mixed by DJ Volatile & DJ C
Hosted by MC Simon Sez
The Hugely Anticipated and highly sought after SWITCH MIXTAPE VOLUME 6 from two of the UK’S Hottest Urban DJs is about to be launched and it features the  HEAVIEST LATEST HIP HOP DANCEHALL & R&B ON THE PLANET.
Now I’m travelling from my Hometown Brixton in South London to Tottenham North London in the United Kingdom to link my adopted Jamaican friend DJ Volatile who asked me for some vocal drops to add some much needed Jerk Spice to the SWITCH MIXTAPE VOLUME 6 so I am sitting on a bus with my Beats by Dre headphones placed over my ear lobes which conveniently somehow cost me a tenner (£10) and a packet of 20 Super King. The surrounding Bass Thumping sound snuggling my ears I begin bopping my head furiously scheming pondering and grinning to myself as I listen and fiddle with my Handset and flick through my various SWITCH MIXTAPE VOLUMES.
I am visually interrupted by an elderly lady who gives me a look of anti-social disapproval I feel like telling her whilst pointing angrily at my Headphones this….. What you see me pointing at Young Lady got me through the summer and winter of 2012 “I’m a Boss” (Meek Mill Voice) however I remain calm and look away and remind myself of the bigger picture…… Then a feeling of anxiety crosses my mind? What tunes are these guys going to come up with this time? I hope they are going to drop this tune I heard the other day? I hope they don’t forget my Dancehall Artist that’s currently shelling down the whole of JA right now? I hope my voice is in good condition for the vocal drops? I get off the bus and head to the Tube Station focused strictly on the task at hand I feel the need to jump over the barrier in full view of the Underground staff but knowing full well I have enough money on my Oyster I tap in legally despite my appearance and my rebel nature I am not a fare evader and slide down the escalators smoothly. I am aware that I am pushed for time and I had arranged originally to meet Volatile in Tottenham so I intend to meet him at the time arranged. I arrive at Tottenham Hale 35 minutes later the SWITCH MIXTAPE VOLUME 5 http://www.mixcloud.com/Switch/switch-mixtape-05-october-2012/reverbing around my cranium some 10 minutes early I feel good and I feel optimistic I see Volatiles Car on the concrete horizon and I Jump in My first words to him are History is about to be made.

Check out the "SWITCH 100" VIDEO BELOW

Come and experience the Switch Vibe yourself and check out our Gallery from Last Week

I know 100% from what I have witnessed with my own eyes and heard with my own ears that when these two guys C & VOLATILE hit a Night Club and drop the Bangers the environment within the establishment changes and trust me they don’t muck about.


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