Thursday, 20 January 2011


In the last 24 Hours I have been reinvigorated not by Christmas Gift off Shower Gel given by a Family Member but by a Group I have just joined on Facebook called THE BEAT INN.

The Beats and Videos that have been Uploaded by some of the Realest Musicians in the Game from every Continent that will inspire the most Musically Concious and if you are a Budding Writer, Artist, or Producer this will kick you up the Backside and set off a Fire within.

I am absolutely Enthused by the Posts that have been put up and I have to thank Ty and the Foundation for dealing with this and Kickstarting the Year in the most Positive off Fashions.

Now I am not trying to claim this like its mine its not I am only a Lover of My Culture My Music and want the most Valuable People to be a part of a network they belong too...

Now I am signing off because the Kidz will soon be awake but I am gonna try and catch up on the Beats that have been uploaded Thus far and send for the Lyricproof Pad and Sharpen my HB Pencil.......PEACE

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