Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I remember when it was impossible to get on a Guest list for a venue you really did have to know the right people.

I asked a long time friend and resident DJ Mr Burn z of Watford’s Area Night Club his opinions on this scenario and this is what he said
“Why do Bars and Clubs nowadays require a guest list policy on the door? It really feels like we have a clubbing culture in the West End of London and most Major Cities and Towns in the UK that is based far more on celebrities than Clubbers that know anything about the Music they are listening to. This has created Clubbers to worry more about what others think is a good tune than making their own minds up about what they like. He continued.....it seems people nowadays Watch Music instead of listening to it, If it looks good it must be good? This problem has created the £50 DJ syndrome. Just because a DJ can bring 100 names on a guest list into a bar or a club it does not mean that DJ is a good DJ. More often than not it usually means that he or she is bloody terrible with as much musical knowledge as a Goldfish? He said that a Guest list isn’t a bad thing but it has to be used correctly. We all like to see well behaved folks in a bar or a club but we would also like to see people that know how to dance and have a good time instead we are creating a generation of Young people that think because they are on a guest list they are Exclusive. I remember when it was impossible to get on a Guest list for a venue you really did have to know the right people. So please tell me what is exclusive about calling a promoter (who you don’t even know) from a Social Network invitation and getting your name and a few friends on the list that cost £20 per head to get in. THAT IS NOT A GUESTLIST; IT’S AN ENTRY FEE YOU BLOODY FOOL People need to wake up! So the Guest list has turned into a seller of the exclusive lifestyle people going into bars to catch a glimpse of the celebrities in V.I.P Booths. To see a lifestyle that they want but cannot have but somehow are made to believe they are a part of it by taking pictures of these celebs on the latest Handsets. Is this what our Club Music scene has become? The Club Music scene needs to come back. People like me and you Simon that came up in the 80s and 90s know what we had was real, this new generation are told to what to like and how to act. We made our own minds up and are better people for that.

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